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Red Cedar Coffee Co. takes pride in meeting with growers and carefully cupping coffees from around the world. We are able to create custom roasts and proprietary blends for cafés, gourmet markets and white tablecloth restaurants. Retail Sales Information.



We offer coffees from every major growing region. Our current single-origin offerings are as follows:

Colombian Supremo Guatemala Antigua Papua New Guinea
Costa Rican Tarrazu Italian Roast Sumatra Mandheling
Ethiopian Harrar Jamaican Blue Mountain* Tanzanian Peaberry
Ethiopian Sidamo Java Estate  
French Roast Kona Fancy Estate*  

*Subject to availability.

Fair Trade Certified Organic Coffees

Red Cedar Coffee Co. is a Fair Trade Certified™ license partner. Fair Trade Certified coffee guarantees livable wages for farmers and their families, improving their opportunities for better healthcare, housing and education. By choosing Fair Trade Certified coffees you are directly contributing to the livelihood of coffee-growing communities. Look for the Fair Trade Certified™ label.

Some offerings have limited availability.

Organic Colombian Organic Mexican Organic French Roast
Organic Italian Roast Organic Nicaraguan Organic Peruvian
Organic Espresso Organic Sumatran  


Dark Roast

Espresso — These beans exude intense flavor – a perfect blend of beans to make the lattes and cappuccinos craved by today’s consumer.

Le Bistro Espresso — A traditional Italian-style espresso.

Northern Lights — Dark roasted South American and Indonesian beans. A hearty flavor in the cup with a long finish.

Red Cedar Select — A blend so delightful that we gave it our name. Roasted to perfection, with plenty of body and smooth finish. Perfect with dessert!

Midnight Sun — This deep, dark roasted coffee will be sure to keep you bright-eyed for the day.


SWISS WATER® Process decaffeinates coffee using a pure water, 100% chemical free method. The caffeine is gently removed from the bean while preserving the coffee’s distinct origin characteristics and flavor.

Colombian-SWP Red Cedar Select-SWP French Roast-SWP
Northern Lights-SWP Costa Rican-SWP Espresso-SWP

All flavored coffees are available in decaf.